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If You Loved "Just Haven't Met You Yet", You'll Adore These

Welcome back, book lovers! If you found yourself charmed by the romantic and feel-good vibes of "Just Haven't Met You Yet," then you're in for a treat. We've curated a list of books that share the same captivating blend of love, humor, and unforgettable characters. So, without further ado, let's dive into our book recommendations for fans of "Just Haven't Met You Yet."

Just Haven't Met You Yet_book

1. "American Royals" by Katharine McGee

If you're a fan of stories with intricate family dynamics, societal intrigue, and romance, "American Royals" should be your next read. In this modern-day alternative history, the United States has a royal family, and the drama unfolds in true regal fashion.

From palace scandals to secret romances, "American Royals" offers a captivating narrative with a dash of humor, much like the story you loved in "Just Haven't Met You Yet."

Why You'll Love It:

  • A compelling blend of romance, drama, and humor set in a royal backdrop.

  • Complex characters whose lives intertwine in surprising ways.

  • The perfect mix of page-turning drama and delightful romance.

Tokyo Ever After_book

2. "Tokyo Ever After" by Emiko Jean:

For readers who enjoyed the journey of self-discovery in "Just Haven't Met You Yet," "Tokyo Ever After" offers an enthralling coming-of-age story. Izumi Tanaka, a typical California girl, discovers her true identity as a Japanese princess.

Packed with humor, cultural exploration, and a sweet romance, this book takes you on an unforgettable adventure as Izumi grapples with her newfound heritage and love.

Why You'll Love It:

  • A heartwarming tale of identity, family, and finding your place in the world.

  • A humorous and heartfelt exploration of cultural clashes and connections.

  • A beautiful blend of romance, self-discovery, and the magic of Japan.

3. "Kisses and Croissants" by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau:

Kisses And Croissants_book

For fans of "Just Haven't Met You Yet" who crave the charm of romantic settings and star-crossed love, "Kisses and Croissants" is a delightful pick. This novel sweeps you off to the enchanting world of Paris, where a young ballerina named Mia finds herself entangled in the magic of the city and its romantic possibilities.

The book offers a blend of romance, dreams, and captivating journeys that will make you fall in love with Paris just as you did with the enchanting world of "Just Haven't Met You Yet."

Why You'll Love It:

  • A dreamy and romantic Parisian setting that will transport you to the City of Love.

  • The perfect mix of ballet, art, and passionate love stories.

  • A charming and heartwarming narrative that celebrates the magic of Paris.


There you have it, fellow book enthusiasts! If you were enchanted by the charming and romantic world of "Just Haven't Met You Yet," these books are sure to provide you with more of the heartwarming and humorous moments you adore. Whether it's regal drama, quirky mysteries, or romantic journeys, these books have something special to offer. Leave me a comment as to which book you liked reading the most, and I'll be thrilled to provide you with personalized recommendations of read-alikes! So, grab a cozy spot, and a cup of your favorite beverage, and embark on these delightful reads. Happy reading!


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