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The Literary Spotlight with Taylor Torres

Author Interview with Taylor Torres

Step into the realm of love and passion as we prepare to delve into the world of acclaimed romance author Taylor Torres. With her bestselling debut novel, "The Two Of Us," Taylor has proven herself as a master of weaving heartwarming tales that resonate deeply with readers. Taylor's journey is a testament to the power of transformation and seizing opportunities in the face of adversity. Beginning her career in the nonprofit sector and later transitioning to the role of a dedicated teacher, Taylor's path took an unexpected turn when the pandemic forced her school's closure. It was during this unique period of reflection and change that she embraced her lifelong passion for writing and turned it into her full-time pursuit. "The Two Of Us" serves as a luminous example of Taylor's storytelling prowess, a work that not only showcases her talent but also captures the essence of love, connection, and the resilience of the human spirit. As we embark on this interview, we'll uncover the creative journey that led Taylor from the classroom to the world of romance literature. Join us in celebrating an author whose dedication to her craft has enriched the literary world with tales that touch the heart and remind us of the beauty of human connections.



C.A: Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your writing background? What inspired you to become a writer, and how did your writing journey begin?

Taylor: My name is Taylor Torres and I’m a romance author. I started out by working in the nonprofit world for a while before becoming a teacher. When the pandemic hit and my school closed down, I took the time to finally write a book and it became my full time job!

Creative Process:

C.A: Could you share a glimpse into your creative process? How do you approach developing ideas and turning them into stories? Do you have any specific rituals or habits that help you get into the writing zone?

Taylor: When I get a new idea for a book, I usually start by making mood boards. I’m a very visual person, so it’s helpful for me to see the story before putting it down onto paper. I can’t start writing until I have inspiration photos and the names of my main characters.

Writing Influences:

C.A: Who are some of your favorite authors or literary influences, and how have they shaped your own writing style? Are there any books or works that have had a profound impact on your writing career?

Taylor: I really love Mia Sheridan, Kennedy Ryan, and Emily Henry. I love the way they weave emotional themes into their love stories so seamlessly and still manage to keep the romance exciting along with splashes of humor. I would say authors like Sarah Dessen and Amy Harmon really shaped me as a reader growing up and therefore shaped my writing. I read all of their works when I was a teenager and they really solidified my love for romance. They feel like my romance fairy godmothers in a way and have impacted me in every way.

Overcoming Challenges:

C.A: What challenges have you faced as a writer, and how did you overcome them? How do you handle writer's block or periods of self-doubt?

Taylor: I think the biggest challenges I’ve faced as an author has just been solidifying my confidence in a career where reception is so subjective. I’m a people pleaser and I want everyone to love my books, but that’s just not realistic. I try to remind myself that if even one person connects with my book, then it was worth creating.

Character Development:

C.A: How do you approach developing compelling and relatable characters in your stories? Are there any strategies or exercises you use to ensure your characters feel authentic and three-dimensional?

Taylor: One thing I do to create realistic characters is make sure my dialogue feels authentic. I’m

a firm believer that dialogue can make or break a story because those are the parts in the scenes where we are really being immersed with the characters and their dynamics with others. I’ll usually read dialogue scenes out loud to myself and if it ends up sounding like something people wouldn’t say in real life, I usually cut it. I also try to incorporate small aspects of a person’s personality to make them fully fleshed out—their little quirks, the way they laugh, how they act around their friends, etc.

Creative Inspiration:

C.A: Where do you find inspiration for your stories? Are there any specific themes or topics you enjoy exploring in your writing?

Taylor: Most of my inspiration comes from a fleeting thought that isn’t fully formed. I play around with a lot of ideas and tweak over and over again until it feels like there could be a story there. I find inspiration from everywhere from conversations I hear people having on the street to dreams I’ve had!

Personal Reflection:

C.A: Is there a particular book or project you are most proud of? Could you share the story behind it? What is the most rewarding aspect of being a writer for you?

Taylor: I have one book out and it’s one I’m extremely proud of. I wrote it during a very difficult pregnancy and I think the most rewarding part of it was creating something during a time where I felt completely depleted.

Editing and Revision:

C.A: How important do you think the editing and revision process is for a writer? Could you share your approach to editing your own work? Do you have any suggestions for writers on how to improve their editing skills?

Taylor: I think the editing phase is absolutely crucial. I worked with a professional editor on my book and it was great to have another set of eyes on the story. She was able to pick up things I missed and ultimately make it a much tighter, cleaner manuscript. I’d suggest writers to always read the notes editors make on the documents and employ that advice while writing their next book.

Publishing and Marketing:

C.A: What has been your experience with the publishing industry? Any advice for aspiring authors on finding agents or publishers? How do you navigate the world of book marketing and promotion? Any tips for authors looking to build their audience?

Taylor: I started in indie publishing and in the beginning, I knew absolutely nothing. I read countless articles every day and watched tutorials online until I felt comfortable with all the steps of self-publishing. Anyone can self-publish, but if you want to have a successful launch, it’s important to take your time with it. Invest in a good cover designer, connect with readers online and establish a reader base. Create ARC teams and create a marketing plan for yourself before your pub date! There is a lot of support in the indie world, but you have to wear all of the hats yourself and be your own business team.

Advice for Budding Writers:

C.A: What advice would you give to aspiring authors who are just starting their writing journey? How do you handle rejection and criticism in the publishing world?

Taylor: Write the story you want to read. You can always pay attention to what people are interested in reading right now but don’t write primarily to serve trends and tropes. Every writer has a unique story to tell and that’s the one they should write. I don’t always handle rejection and criticism well but it’s a part of the job! I’ve learned not to take everything so seriously. At the end of the day, I’m just someone who loves to make up stories and play make-believe!

Favorite Quote:

C.A: What’s your favorite quote that keeps you going in life?

Taylor: Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Future Projects:

C.A: Could you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or books you're currently working on? Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers and aspiring writers?

Taylor: I’m currently working on my second romance novel and I’m hoping to put it out next

year! My novel, The Two of Us, is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


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