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Six Days in Detox - Dianne Corbeau

This memoir is a compelling story about a woman who picks up alcohol after twenty-six years of sobriety. And returns to a mental institution to begin her journey back into the beginnings of recovery. The story is a hard look at what goes on internally and externally inside of Dianne as she gives it her all to survive the battle for her life. The fast-paced read is relentless and unforgiving at times, yet it brings you the fragility of the human spirit.


Six Days in Detox


Dianne Corbeau


Page Publishing




Memoir, Biography, Addiction, Recovery

"Six Days in Detox" by Dianne Corbeau is a gripping and inspiring story about her journey through addiction and the transformative experience of spending six days in detox. The memoir was a raw and emotional account of her struggles, recovery, and everything she learned - Corbeau fearlessly opens up about the reality of battling alcohol addiction and how it can change your life.

The narrative was written in a riveting way, which essentially brought readers emotional depth into her story; honesty and vulnerability are prevalent throughout the book, allowing readers to connect more profoundly. Dianne vividly describes every experience, from her hospital trip to her first encounter with withdrawal. I also like how she shows the silver lining and how amidst the darkness, there are glimmers of hope and resilience as Corbeau begins to discover her inner strength and embark on the path to recovery and finally sobriety.

Throughout the memoir, Corbeau explored the factors that made her start drinking in the first place, which offered an insight into her more personal life, relationships, and experiences. Corbeau did a fantastic job of showing the harsh reality of detox, the intense cravings and wanting to relapse. She also recounted the physical and mental symptoms she faced. The whole process is truly a rollercoaster.

“My body was still full of shakes and smell. Laying face-up, moving my head toward the windows, I stared at the moonlight in remembrance of how much I loved the darkness. The darkness of the night always brought about a comfort to me with its silence, solace, and mystery. Now, I began to think of everything that I still needed to accomplish in life. There was so much.” - Dianne Corbeau, Six Days in Detox

Corbeau portrays that when you choose to be involved in the journey of sobriety, you never really reach that goal - this was an authentic insight into the path to recovery. I also liked how she acknowledged that this is an ongoing struggle; in other words, you are on this path for the rest of your life. Moreover, many events in this journey can teach you lessons.

Corbeau's unwavering determination to confront her demons and find healing is emphasized for inspiration. As the days go on, Dianne becomes more level and stronger and begins to understand the reality of her situation. She realizes the long road ahead and how she has to sacrifice some things in order to accomplish her goal.

While the memoir is undeniably captivating and poignant, there are moments when the writing feels slightly rushed and repetitive. I feel as though some of the circumstances could have been further explored and developed to provide a more comprehensive understanding of her experiences. However, this does not take away significantly from the overall impact of her story.







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Six Days in Detox is a sensitive memoir about the brutal truth of the path to recovery and the goal of sobriety, Dianne showcases it with unwavering determination.


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