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My Trip to Asheville

Hi everyone! I am back with a review of a delightful bookstore that I recently visited. So a little backstory, I have a great fondness for the cozy atmosphere 🕯️ of small downtown bookstores, so when my family and I recently took a trip to Asheville to celebrate my mom’s 40th birthday, naturally, I couldn't resist the urge to seek out a bookstore and purchase several books. Although we were only in Asheville for a short time, I did manage to visit a lovely bookstore and newsstand called "Downtown Books and News", which sells used books. It is located in the heart of Lexington Avenue in the beautiful downtown Asheville area 🌆. It is a must-see tourist attraction for anyone seeking a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

They offer various books - from whimsical children’s books to spooky thrillers🦇. Additionally, they sell cute merchandise, mostly t-shirts👕, which are incredibly comfortable. I loved the aura of the store, the staff was exceptional, lovely, and very helpful, while the shelves were immaculately organized. The books were also in great condition and sold for a reasonable price. I got 5 books for the price of $30.

As I strolled through the store, my attention was drawn to a shelf featuring a concept akin to a blind date👩‍🦯, with the unique twist being that it involved a book. The books on the shelf 📚 were packaged with brown parchment paper and had a small synopsis talking about the book, the summary was very vague and didn’t give away anything about the book. It was an intriguing and overall unique experience that I immensely enjoyed!

The books I got were:

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris: In the second book of the series "Sookie Stackhouse" series, also known as the "Southern Vampire Mysteries," Sookie finds herself embroiled in supernatural troubles. Distressed by a string of unlucky events, she encounters a beastly creature that viciously attacks her. When suddenly a group of vampires come to her rescue, sucking the poison out of her blood. Grateful for her life, when one of the vampires asks for a favor, Sookie agrees. Will Sookie succeed in fulfilling the task at hand, or will her world crumble under the weight of the challenges that lie ahead? 🧛

The Girl In The Ice by Robert Bryndza: When a body of a woman, frozen in thick deep ice is found by a young boy, Detective Erika Foster comes to the scene to lead the murder investigation. The victim who supposedly seems to have a perfect life confuses Erika who starts to dig deeper. As she finds riveting information and connects the dots of multiple murders of three prostitutes, all killed in horrific ways, she wonders what they could be hiding. Erika must battle her demons plus a killer who is more deadly than anything she's faced. Will she be able to get to him before another tragic murder happens? ❄️

Angelfall by Susan Ee: Six weeks have passed since the angels of the apocalypse came down to destroy the current world. Gangs rule the mornings while fear leads the night. When a couple of warrior angels take a little girl, her sister, Penryn will stop at nothing to get her back. Even arranging with an enemy angle, Raffe. Together they embark on a mystical journey. Penryn who’s got nothing to lose but her sister, and Raffe, who wants his dignity back. With a slim chance of survival will the two be able to fulfill their mission? 🪄

The Fault in our Stars by John Green: When Hazel who only has a couple of years left with her terminal cancerous disease meets Augustus Walters sparks fly. They meet at the Cancer Kid Support Group where their lives completely change the moment they lay eyes on each other. Little do they know, their destiny is about to be rewritten. 🌟

The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout: Evie Dasher, 17 years old, has firsthand experience with the dreadful outcomes of humanity’s battle with the alien Luxen. When Evie meets Luc at a club, known to be one of the very rare places where the survivors Luxen and humans can talk. Evie, judging by his looks, straight away knows he is a Luxen. But in reality, he is something much bigger, much more powerful, and much more secret. Evie’s curiosity about Luc gets a hold of her as she delves deeper and deeper into a faraway world, where the only information she knows about is from stories. She finds secrets that were never meant to be heard, a betrayal that could change everything, and a boy who she is extremely attracted to. They do say, curiosity kills the cat… maybe? 👽

Overall my trip to Downton Books and News was a fantastic experience and I would love to go there again! I recommend this place to anyone who is a bookworm 📔🪱 and is planning to visit Asheville!

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