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A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder - Holly Jackson

Pretty and popular high school senior Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh, who then killed himself. It was all anyone could talk about. And five years later, Pip sees how the tragedy still haunts her town.

But she can't shake the feeling that there was more to what happened that day. She knew Sal when she was a child, and he was always so kind to her. How could he possibly have been a killer?

Now a senior herself, Pip decides to reexamine the closed case for her final project, at first just to cast doubt on the original investigation. But soon she discovers a trail of dark secrets that might actually prove Sal innocent . . . and the line between past and present begins to blur. Someone in Fairview doesn't want Pip digging around for answers, and now her own life might be in danger.


a good girl’s guide to murder


Holly Jackson


Random House Children's Book


YA, Mystery, Thriller



'a good girl’s guide to murder’ is a murder-mystery thriller YA novel written by Holly Jackson. The book follows the narration of protagonist Pippa Fitz-Amobi, who is investigating the truth of a five-year-old murder case of victim Andie Bell. Pip is determined to find out the reality of the case, even though it has allegedly already been solved. This book has a fast plot, developed characters, and a gripping mystery. Many readers praise Holly’s writing style and the book’s engaging storyline.

“The people you love weren’t algebra: to be calculated, subtracted, or held at arm’s length across a decimal point.” ~ Holly Jackson, a good girl's guide to murder

The story also had many important areas that aren’t discussed enough in YA books. It talked about topics such as racial discrimination, unhealthy family relationships, drug use, and sexual assault, which I found was presented in an insightful and practical way. So, if you are sensitive to these topics, I would suggest not reading the book.

Something I really liked about ‘a good girl’s guide to murder’ was its satisfying ending. Like many other thriller/mystery books the climax is usually unsatisfactory and rushed, in this case though, the twist was written very cleverly. I also liked how the story wasn’t redundant, and that in every chapter I uncovered something new. The story was also extremely captivating, every time Pip would find a lead, the next chapter ended up being another person. While I was reading this book, I felt as though I was a detective, I would be picturing the whole story in my brain, pointing fingers at different suspects, calculating all the information, and finding loopholes. I enjoyed how Jackson made the investigation realistic and how readers were able to get all the facts before diving headfirst into the solution. I loved all the plot twists and the rising suspense throughout the story, never once was I bored, or thought of skipping a few pages, I analyzed everything trying to solve the mystery alongside Pip which made the experience really exciting.

Now like always there are some cons to this book. I felt as though sometimes I was able to predict what was going to happen next. The story also occasionally lacks plausibility, but Holly Jackson makes up for it with a killer plot and a book you can’t tear your eyes away from.







Plot and Themes:




Overall, a ‘good girl's guide to murder’ is a well-written, enthralling mystery that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. With its well-crafted plot, engaging characters, and unexpected twists, it is certain to keep you entertained from beginning to end. If you enjoy YA mysteries, this book is definitely worth a read!


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